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Connecting to a remote SSH server with traffic tunnelled over MeshCentral

The MeshCentralRouter.exe Windows tool seems to work OK over wine.


  • Install wine
  • Install socat
  • freeport script (TODO: include script here somewhere)

~/.ssh/config snippet

This is a work in progress!

  • It doesn't really detect when MeshCentralRouter makes the connection. It just loops socat until it connects. Infinite loop if you cancel the MeshCentralRouter dialog. Working out how to get the MeshCentralRouter "-debug" option and parsing a log would be better.
  • It starts a new MeshCentralRouter instance for each SSH connection.
Host <target hostname>
user <username>
ProxyCommand bash -c 'TMPLOG=$(mktemp); PORT=$(freeport); echo "${TMPLOG}" >/dev/tty; nohup wine Z:\\home\\work\\Downloads\\MeshCentralRouter.exe -map:TCP:${PORT}:<name in meshcentral>::22 -tray >${TMPLOG} 2>${TMPLOG} & loop=1; while [ $loop -gt 0 ]; do socat tcp:${PORT} STDIO 2>/dev/tty; loop=$?; sleep 0.5; done' 2>/dev/tty