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Test your Gitlab CI/CD pipleine execution locally

This article is still a work in progress

Lately I have worked mostly on GitLab CI/CD Pipelines. The process of debugging a pipeline can become a bit tedious when the pipeline has many steps and takes a long time to get to the part you're testing. Then you find that you have made a minor typo. Every tweak and test also requires a commit and push. If someone was to read my commit history for the pipeline work, I'd look like (show that I am) an idiot.

It is possible to use a locally installed gitlab-runner to run pipeline steps locally, without needing to commit and push to GitLab.


TODO: Expand

  • gitlab-runner package installed
  • docker installed

gitlab-runner Config Tweaks

  • pull policy

Wireguard tunnel inside Gitlab docker runner

In the default configuration, Gitlab runners will not be able to create Wireguard tunnels. You will get an error message like the following:

RTNETLINK answers: Operation not permitted
Unable to access interface: Operation not permitted
  • Edit /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml
  • In the [[runners]] -> [runners.docker] section, add:
tls_verify = false
image = "alpine:latest"
privileged = false
cap_add = ["NET_ADMIN"]
disable_entrypoint_overwrite = false
oom_kill_disable = false
disable_cache = false
volumes = ["/cache"]
shm_size = 0
pull_policy = "if-not-present"

Docker Config Tweaks

OCI registries

If your pipeline makes use of OCI Images hosted in GitLab (maybe in the same project you're testing) your pipeline that usually has direct access to these images now doesn't. You need to add the remote GitLab registry to you're local Docker instance.

In GitLab, in the project hosting the Image, create a token:

  • Maintainer
  • read_registry
docker login -u token -p <token>
cat ~/.docker/config.json

Committed vs Uncommitted source

The gitlab-runner still expects that it's supposed to run the latest committed version of the source. One of my goals is to be able to test uncommitted code. I made a script that replaces the committed code that the gitlab-runner has placed in the build container with the latest uncommitted code from my project.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

NC='\033[0m' # No Color

printf "${GREEN}\$ The gitlab-runner has kindly checked out the latest committed source for us but, that is going to be deleted in favor of using the latest uncommitted source. ${NC}\n"
rm -fr /builds/project-0
mkdir /builds/project-0
cp -r /builds/source.tmp/. /builds/project-0
cp -r /builds/artifacts/. /builds/project-0
cat <<"EOF"
--env VAULT_TOKEN=hvs.CAESIEigrMb95Tqb6KQV_aGcZwGpYlWet9ctN4239arzexvaGh4KHGh2cy5rVjJBMEtlMzBPTUI0VGd1ZmttbDk2ZDg
--env GITLAB_TOKEN=goBxAtCRs3R-h-Ssozcg
--env CI_ARTIFACTS_DIR=/builds/artifacts
printf '%s\n' "--docker-volumes $(pwd)/.gitlab-ci.artifacts:/builds/artifacts"
printf '%s\n' "--docker-volumes $(pwd):/builds/source.tmp:ro"
#printf '%s\n' "--docker-volumes $(pwd)/.gitlab-ci.cache:/builds/.cache"
#printf '%s\n' "--cache-dir=/builds/.cache"
printf '%s' '--post-clone-script '
printf '%s\n' '/builds/source.tmp/scripts/test-uncommitted-source'

Differences when running jobs locally

gitlab-ci.yml issues

The gitlab-runner must normally receive the job configuration from the GitLab server with some of the YAML processing already completed. This means that some gitlab-ci.yml features don't work as expected when using the gitlab-runner.


extends doesn't seem to work at all. This is sad because I recently started making greater use of this feature.

Numeric Environment Variables

The gitlab-runner doesn't seem to like numeric environment variables unless they are encapsulated in quotes. For example:


doesn't work but


works fine.

Missing environment variables

Obviously, some of the GitLab injected environment variables are going to be missing or the vaules will be different.

  • CI_PROJECT_ID: Always set to 0
    To work around this, I set a hard coded value into FORCE_CI_PROJECT_ID and have my before_script look for FORCE_CI_PROJECT_ID not being blank. If it has a value, it is pushed into CI_PROJECT_ID.
    if [ "${FORCE_CI_PROJECT_ID}" != "" ]; then
  • CI_JOB_TOKEN: always blank. I use this for detecting if my CI/CD scripts are running in the local gitlab-runner.
  • CI_JOB_JWT: not defined. If you use this for authenticating with external systems (e.g. Hashicorp Vault) you will need to use an alternative method when running in the gitlab-runner.