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 ====== Ghanima ====== ====== Ghanima ======
 ===== Welcome ===== ===== Welcome =====
-Welcome to Ghanima.+Welcome to Ghanima.  Here you may or may not find something of use to you.  This site is my personal Wiki that covers the various nerdy tinkerings I do when I'm not working in my nerdy job.
-Ghanima is a personal project to explore the capabilities of using DokuWiki to combine a range of seperate applications into a single user interface. ​ It's indervidual components are, or will be+Current mini projects include
-  * Ubuntu ​Server 9.10 - Host Operating System +  * A network health VM on Ubuntu ​12.04 that includes: 
-  Oracle (formally Sun) VirtualBox - Virtualisation +    A SAMBA 4 Domain Controller 
-  DokuWiki ​A flexible WebUI to tie everything together +    Apt-Cacher-NG 
-  OpenLDAP - An LDAP directory allowing all user credentials,​ rights and roles to be shared between applications +    Something ​to cache Windows Updates 
-  pfSense - A FreeBSD based Firewall and Router +    Zabbix 2 
-  * Transmission ​A BitTorrent Client +  * The Unity-like theme on this DokuWiki instance 
-  * Subversion and WebSVN - File versioning +  * [[http://​theqvd.com|QVD]] Virtual Desktops
-  * Some kind of photo gallery+
-If you somehow randomly stumbled upon this page and it seems like something you may be interested in using or contributing to, please [[mailto:​[email protected]|email me]].+===== Recent Blog Posts =====
-Being a private (at this stage) project and this being my own personal working version of the platform, public access is restricted.+<blog list> 
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 +  limit  5 
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 +  cache  0 
-If you have login credentials for this system, please login.+<blog pagination>​ 
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