In Windows 7, if you pair your phone to your PC and connect the Bluetooth audio device, your phone's Music/Podcasts/Audiobooks/whatever are piped out your PC's speakers which is nice if you have decent speakers.

There's no obvious way to do this in Ubuntu 12.04. You can get really close. You can pair the device, enable the audio redirection to the PC, see the input device in Sound settings and see with the little vu graph that sound is happening. Your speakers, however, remain silent.

This is a re-hash of what I found here: I take no credit for zansatsu0's work or the work he built upon.

The Script

The forum post mentioned above relates specifically to Ubuntu 10.10. The author mentions changes to /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf. I skipped over these changes and it worked so I'm guessing those specific steps are no longer required. Your milage may vary.

Create a file called, open it in an editor and give it the following content:

# Credit to Ric123 and megamanextent for the primer material
# found at UbuntuForums.Org
# Written by Alex Zaballa on 02/24/2011
# Distributed under GPL v.2.
# Use at your own risk. There is no guarantee this will work
# but shouldn't hurt anything.
# This script is designed to work in Ubuntu Maverick 10.10
# so I can pair my Android to Ubuntu. I have not tested this
# with IPhone in any flavor. Your mileage may vary.
# It requires qdbus and Pulse Audio.
# This also assumes that your audio.conf file in
# /etc/bluetooth is configured properly.


echo "Please pair and connect your device."
read -p "Press any key to initialize audio..." -n 1 garbageVar

# Return Example: /org/bluez/29159/hci0/dev_01_23_45_AB_CD_EF
qPath="$(qdbus --system org.bluez | grep -m 1 "/dev_")"

# Even though the phone says it's connected, it doesn't work
# unless I hard-reset the connection. Also, AudioSource.Disconnect
# won't work reliably in this situation, so I tried the Device.Disconnect
# method which seems to work well for my Gingerbread Hero (Android 2.3).
qdbus --system org.bluez "${qPath}" org.bluez.Device.Disconnect 1> /dev/null
sleep 5
echo "Attempting connection..."
qdbus --system org.bluez "${qPath}" org.bluez.AudioSource.Connect 1> /dev/null

# Return Example: bluez_source.01_23_45_AB_CD_EF
bluezSource="$(pactl list | grep -m 1 "Name: bluez_source" | cut -c 8-)"
echo "Bluez Source: ${bluezSource}"

# Return Example: alsa_output.pci-0000_00_10.1.analog-stereo
alsaSink="$(pactl list | grep -m 1 "Name: alsa_output" | cut -c 8-)"
echo "Alsa Sink: ${alsaSink}"

# Return Example: 25
paID="$(pactl load-module module-loopback source="${bluezSource}" sink="${alsaSink}")"
echo "pactl ID number: ${paID}"

read -p "Press any key to disconnect..." -n 1 garbageVar

pactl unload-module "${paID}"
qdbus --system org.bluez "${qPath}" org.bluez.AudioSource.Disconnect

Make the script executable:

chmod +x

Run the script and follow the onscreen instructions:


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